The New York Times has a fun feature online: a searchable database of donors to the many presidential candidates through March 31, 2007. Over the next day or two I’ll try to post comments about the appearance of various names in one candidate’s camp or another — or several camps — as I peruse the key zip codes around Texas where interesting folks live. Let’s start with Austin (the easiest, since I know it the best) and the Tarrytown/Pemberton, Westlake, and Highland Park neighborhoods (the highest concentrations of power players).

Ken Aboussie, $2,300 (the maximum donation allowed) to Rudy Guiliani. The nephew of retired Chief Justice Marilyn Aboussie, of the Third District Court of Appeals, is actively organizing for the former New York mayor.

Ann Butler, $1,000 each to Guiliani and John McCain. The wife of former Austin mayor Roy Butler is hedging her bet (and she’s not the only one, as you’ll see).

Ben and Melanie Barnes, $2,300 each to Joe Biden. The former lieutenant governor said in 2003 that he would have supported Biden over John Kerry for the Democratic presidential nomination in ’04 had the former run in the primary against the latter. The U.S. senator from Delaware and the “51st senator,” as Barnes is sometimes called, are old friends.

Phillip Bobbit, $500 to Hillary Clinton. U.T. law professor and LBJ nephew.

Cathy Bonner, $2,300 to Clinton. Ann Richards confidante and former executive director of the Texas Department of Commerce.

Sally Brown, $500 to Barack Obama. The wife of U.T. football coach Mack Brown.

Michael DiLeo, $500 to Bill Richardson. Writer and son-in-law of Laredo ranching patriarch Radcliffe Killam.

Mandy Dealey, $1,000 to John Edwards. Kin to the Belo/Dallas Morning News Dealeys.

Steve Goode, $1,000 to Edwards. U.T. law professor who was interim dean after Bill Powers was named the university’s president.

Deborah Green, $1,000 to Clinton. Fun-loving and well-heeled member of various non-profit boards; ex-wife of Dell general counsel Tom Green.

Nancy Harper, $2,300 to Guiliani. Capitol Chevrolet poobah.

Kate and Robert Hersch, $2,300 each to Obama. The Mastodon Ventures head and his wife are emerging non-profit mainstays and gala co-chair types.

James and Patty Huffines, $2,100 each to McCain. The chair of the U.T. board of regents, Rick Perry confidante, and Plains Capital Bank head and his wife, a director at Public Strategies Inc., are big-time supporters of the Arizona senator.

Gabrielle Kuyper Sheshunoff, $1,000 to Richardson. Wealthy icon of West Austin high society.

Cathy Lippincott, $1,000 to Clinton. One-half of the couple that owns the popular Mexican restaurant Guero’s.

Janet and Rocky Mountain, $2,300 each to Guiliani. She’s the executive director of the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation; he’s a retired top Dell exec.

Chris Mattsson and John McHale, $2,100 each to Edwards. Voguish supporters of the arts and progressive political causes who put big bucks into Democratic efforts to win back the White House in 2004. He’s a serious tech community player.

Andrea McWilliams, $2,300 to Mike Huckabee. Big bucks lobbyist who was a Bush Pioneer.

Ken Oden, $2,100 to Clinton. Former Travis County Attorney.

Kirk and Amy Rudy, $2,300 to Obama. Endeavor real estate CEO who developed the new Domain shopping center and his socially-connected wife.

Rose Spector, $250 to Richardson. Former Texas Supreme Court Justice.

Roy and Mary Spence, $2,300 each to Clinton. The adman — the S in GSD&M — is a longtime pal of the senator and the ex-prez and is doing media work for the campaign.

James Taylor, $2,300 each to Richardson and Obama. The Via Novo founding partner and former Public Strategies founding director is a hedger.

Judy Trabulsi, $2,300 to Clinton. GSD&M co-founder. The agency that plays together…

Liz Watson, $2,000 to Edwards. Wife of Texas Senator and former Austin mayor Kirk Watson.

George Willeford, $1,000 to McCain. Husband of former Ambassador and Bush pal Pam Willeford.

Donna and Phillip Berber, $2,300 each to Edwards and Obama, $2,000 to Clinton, and $1,900 to Edwards. World-class philanthropists (A Glimmer of Hope Foundation).

Cassandra Carr, $1,000 to Richardson. Public Strategies senior advisor.

Kent Caperton, $2,300 each to Biden and Chris Dodd. Former state senator and partner in the Ben Barnes Group.

Liz Carpenter, $1,000 to Clinton. LBJ press aide.

Victor Emmanuel, $250 to Obama. Birder to the stars.

Gary Farmer, $2,300 to McCain. President of Heritage Title Co.

John and Lezlie Glade, $2,300 each to Barack Obama. Social butterflies; he’s the managing director of Tejas Securities.

Laurie and Ross Garber, $2,300 each to Obama and $2,000 to Clinton. The former CEO of Vignette and his wife are active and involved Democratic donors.

John and Tamra Gorman, $2273.21 and $2,300, respectively, to Obama. He’s the CEO of Tejas Securities and a confidante of the Illinois senator’s.

Tom Green, $2,300 to Clinton. Dell general counsel.

Diane Henson, $500 to Clinton. Lone Democratic Justice on the Third District Court of Appeals.

Tommie and Lynn Meredith, $2,300 each to Richardson, Obama, Edwards, Clinton. Their children made various gifts to Clinton, Obama, and Edwards as well. No one bundles quite like the former Dell CFO and his equally impressive bride.

Deborah Peel, $2,300 to Clinton. Big Kerry fundraiser who is among the nation’s strongest patient privacy advocates.

Kevin and Debra Rollins, $2,300 each to Romney. The recently departed Dell CEO is a Mormon.

Richard and Jill Salwen, $2,300 each to Guiliani. He’s a former Dell VP and corporate secretary; they were $100,000 donors to Rick Perry’s re-election campaign in ’06.

Pete Winstead, $1,000 to Romney. Powerful downtown lawyer.

Alexa and Blaine Wesner, $2,300 each to Obama. He’s a player at Austin Ventures; they’re hip, social, and community minded.

Marc and Suzanne Winkelman, $2,300 each to Edwards, Clinton, and Obama. Not so much hedging as continuing their tradition of supporting big-time Democratic candidates.

Mary Yancy, $2,000 to Obama. A pillar of West Austin society (and a fixture in party pics).

Linda Aaker, $1,000 to Clinton. Wife of former land commissioner and Assistant U.S. Interior Secretary Bob Armstrong.

Ada Anderson, $2,300 to Obama. Iconic African-American educator.

Steve Bickerstaff, $2,100 to Edwards. Lawyer, law prof, and author.

Mark McKinnon, $2,300 to McCain. The Democrat turned Bushie, now vice-chairman of Public Strategies, is working for the senator’s campaign.

Ralph Wayne, $1,000 to Guiliani. Capitol fixture, tort reform advocate, president and CEO of the Texas Civil Justice League.

Wyeth Weideman, $2,300 each to Richardson, Dodd, and Biden. Youthful ward of the Dick Grayson-variety to Ben Barnes’s Bruce Wayne.