In the midst of all this zip-code-focused donor analysis, we wondered if the CEOs of the fifty largest Texas companies (according to the Fortune 500) were giving to the presidential candidates. In previous posts we mentioned that Ed Whitacre, chairman of AT&T, was a McCainiac ($2,300), that Rich Kinder, of Kinder Morgan, was a Rudy rooter ($2,100), and that Mark Mays, of Clear Channel, is a Mitt man ($2,100). Here are the other corporate bosses whose donations (almost all to Republicans) show up in the online database:

Timothy R. Eller, Centex, Dallas: $2,100 to Giuliani and $2,300 to McCain

Matthew K. Rose, Burlington Northern/Santa Fe, Fort Worth: $2,300 to McCain

Gary C. Kelly, Southwest Airlines, Dallas: $2,300 to McCain

Chad C. Deaton, Baker Hughes, Houston: $250 to McCain

G. Steven Farris, Apache, Houston: $2,300 to Giuliani

Ray C. Davis, Energy Transfer Equity, Dallas: $2,300 to Giuliani

David N. Weidman, Celanese, Dallas: $2,100 to Romney

John F. Antioco, Blockbuster, Dallas: $2,300 to Giuliani and $400 to Christopher Dodd

Lynn R. Blodgett, Affiliated Computer Services, Dallas: $2,100 to Romney

(By the way, although their companies don’t appear on the Fortune 500, three other iconic Texas bidnessmen aren’t sitting on the sidelines. Boone Pickens and Tom Hicks are heavy into Giuliani, and Ross Perot — the elder — is maxed out to Romney.)