Bob and Doylene Perry, $2,300 each to Romney.
Louis Beecherl, $2,300 to Romney.
Fayez Sarofim, $2,100 to Romney and $2,300 to Giuliani.
Annette Simmons, $2,300 each to Romney and Giuliani.
Kenny and Lisa Troutt, $2,300 each to Huckabee.
Trammell Crow, $2,300 to Giuliani and $2,100 to Romney.
Robert and Bettie Girling. $2,300 each to Clinton.
George Hixon, $2,300 to McCain.
Caroline Hunt, $2,300 to McCain.
Robert and Terry Rowling, $2,300 each to Giuliani.
Woody Hunt, $2,300 to Richardson. Very curious. Hunt was a 1999 Bush appointee to the UT Board of Regents. Is this contribution to “President” Richardson or to Governor Richardson of New Mexico, where Hunt has some water interests?
B and Audre Rapoport, $2,300 each to Clinton and Obama, $2,100 each to Edwards, and $2,000 to Dodd.
Walter and Sheila Umphrey, $2,300 each to Richardson.
Wayne and Dana Reaud, $2,300 each to Biden and $2,300 to Richardson.
Tom Pirtle, $2,300 to Edwards.
Nothing from James Leininger. That we can find.