I received this e-mail about Craddick’s prospects. The writer, who wishes to remain anonymous, disagrees with my assessment that Craddick will be reelected in 2009, if he runs again, because members will find that Republicans back home in their districts will not like their support of Craddick. The former member goes on to say:

“I believe that for Craddick to be re-elected in the future he must eventually receive some newspaper/editorial support. When the drumbeat of the press is so constant and loud, Republican voters can be persuaded that their candidate is bad. Bush is Exhibit A for that proposition. If I was advising Craddick, I would tell him to appoint a special committee, perhaps chaired by McCall, to report out a campaign finance reform bill that would place limits on how much any individual or PAC can give a candidate….something like $25,000. This would actually help Republicans more than Democrats. Currently, Republicans have become too dependent on a few donors. It is drying up small donors. Why would a constituent give you $100 if they see you have received $500,000. from some other source? Republicans have many more constituents who will give a few hundred dollars to someone than Democrats have. Eventually, the trial lawyers will give more than Leininger and Perry…besides, for some reason, large trial lawyer donations are more acceptable by the press than Leininger/Perry donations…….I’m not holding my breath for Craddick to do this. I think it is too radical for him and he is too much a part of the status quo, but if he doesn’t do something dramatic, I think he is in his last term.”