I just read a review on the Huffington Postof David Frum’s new ebook, titled “Why Romney Lost (And What the GOP Can Do About It.)” A lot of Republicans don’t care for Mr. Frum, who was a speechwriter for George W. Bush, and regard him as an apostate at best. But I have found a lot to like in his previous books, such as “Dead Right,” because I would like to see the Republican party move closer to the center. But I’m not sanguine about the prospect.

One of the most trenchant passages in Frum’s book is in the conclusion, cited by the reviewer:

After observing that the current conservative ideology is completely foreign to the next generation of Americans (and over half of those under 18 are non-white) Frum presents a strong note of caution: “To be a patriot is to love your country as it is. Those who seem to despise half of America will never be trusted to govern any of it. Those who cherish only the country’s past will not be entrusted with its future.”

This is exactly right. But Texas’s leaders will continue to shut their eyes and ears to such warnings.