I came home last night to find a GOPAC survey in my e-mail queue. I tend to vote in Republican primaries (4 of the 6 elections starting in 1998), since that is the only election that matters for statewide candidates, so I assume that is how they found me. Here are the questions and my answers: 1. Do you support your state Governor’s authority to reject stimulus funds from the federal government? Yes — I support the governor’s authority. I don’t support the rejection. No Undecided 2. The Pennsylvania Republican Party recently passed a unanimous resolution urging their lawmakers to oppose the Employee Free Choice Act that would eliminate an employee’s right to a secret ballot. Do you support efforts like this in your own state to oppose “card check” legislation? Yes — I live in a right to work state, so this is not likely to be an issue here, but I don’t like the card check law at all. It’s overreaching. No Undecided 3. Do you believe our elected officials should continue aggressively fighting the War on Terror? Yes — But I’m skeptical about Obama’s Afghanistan policy. Afghanistan was important only only because it was a base for bin Laden’s training camps. Those camps are gone. Al Qaeda is in Pakistan. The only reason for sending troops to Afghanistan now is to fight the Taliban. Is that worth sacrificing American lives for? If the Taliban take over again, so what? Bin Laden isn’t coming back. The action is in the border regions of Pakistan. Afghanistan is not strategically important today. No Undecided 4. Do you support the decision to close down Guantanamo Bay and bring suspected terrorists to be tried and housed in the Continental United States? Yes — Gitmo is a symbol for the world of America turning its back on its own values. I think we should get rid of it, try terrorists in the courts, and clap those who are convicted in maximum security prisons. No Undecided 5. Are you in favor of off-shore drilling? Yes — Drill, baby, drill. Especially off California and Florida. No Undecided 6. California’s Governor Schwarzenegger recently signed an executive order requiring utility companies to provide 1/3 of their energy from renewable sources by 2020. Do you support efforts like this? Yes No — I think renewables are vastly overrated. These rules amount to government interference in the market and an unofficial subsidy. Wind energy is a hassle for utilities and their customers. It doesn’t blow at the time of peak demand. We should concentrate our efforts on research for a means of storing solar energy. Undecided 7. Do you support your tax dollars funding school voucher programs that give parents greater flexibility and choice in their children’s education? Yes No — I do not want my tax dollars going to religious schools. Undecided 8. Do you support term limits for state and local elected officials? Yes No Undecided This is tough. Fundamentally, I oppose term limits. I agree with something Tom Craddick said in his debate with his Democratic opponent last fall. “We have term limits. They’re called elections.” I don’t like term limits because they tend to cut off service just as a public official is gaining the expertise to be effective. Term limits empower the lobby and the bureaucracy. I want to empower elected officials. On the other hand, Rick Perry is the poster child for term limits. We ought to limit governors to two four-year terms. 9. President Obama recently put his Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, in charge of the 2010 Census which will be used by your state to draw electoral districts for future elections. Do you support your local Republican candidate’s opposition the Democrats’ politicization of redistricting? Yes — I am shocked! shocked! that a political party would politicize redistricting. Not really. I didn’t support the Republicans when they politicized Texas congressional redistricting in 2003 and I don’t support the Democrats’ attempt to politicize it in 2010. How is the census likely to be politicized? From Fox News: Critics note that the method of counting can skew the census. Democrats have long advocated using mathematical estimates, a practice known as “sampling,” to count urban residents and immigrants. Republicans say the Constitution requires a physical head count, which entails going door-to-door. No Undecided 10. Do you support tax incentives for small businesses that create jobs in your local community? Yes No — What’s the difference, in principle, between bailouts, which Republicans oppose, and tax breaks, which are just government subsidies of another kind? Undecided 11. Do you support the election and/or appointment of activist judges who legislate from the bench? Yes No Not in either party, and especially not on the Texas Supreme Court. Undecided 12. Which of the following is the MOST pressing issue a Republican candidate for office should focus on: Job creation Spending reduction Reducing the tax burden Instead of borrowing or printing money, the government should enact a suspension of certain tax collections to leave money in the pockets of families and businesses. Improving education Securing our borders Protecting traditional marriage 13. Which of the following do you think is the top priority for GOPAC in the upcoming election cycle? Candidate training Candidate recruitment Issue advocacy — How to fix the economy is a battle of ideas and I’m not sure the Republicans have any. Ballot initiatives Gubernatorial elections State Legislature elections Local elections (i.e. City Council, Mayoral, etc.) 14. What activities would you be willing to participate in your local community to elect strong Republican candidates to office? (check all that apply) Volunteer at election headquarters Register new voters — but only if they have a picture I.D. Reducing the tax burden Walk precincts Make phone calls Attend a campaign event Make a financial contribution Educate