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Greg Abbott and the Border

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Attorney general Greg Abbott’s $345 million border security plan is almost certainly doomed to fail. The border region is so huge and comprises so many millions of acres that it defies the ability of state government to enforce whatever security issues may arise. Every Republican candidate this election cycle has called for “securing the border,” but the reality is that the border is too big to secure.

The region will swallow up the five hundred or so DPS troopers that Abbott intends to send into the field, not to mention the $345 million he intends to spend. His plan will certainly play well with GOP voters, but the question that should be asked is, What is the mission of the troopers, and what are the rules of engagement? If those issues are not resolved, the “solution” could be worse than the problem.  

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  • Droit et Avant

    Abbot, as Perry and Cruz did some years ago, is accusing Washington in his campaign of failing to secure the border, then I wondered for how long has the border been there and unsecured? Then started thinking that way back, Bush was governor of Texas for many years, he didn’t secure the border. Then Bush became president for 8 years, Perry governor for 12+ years and the border still not secured during their terms. Today because Obama is in office and they are accusing him of failing to secure the border. I don’t know if these Texans are that stupid or what?
    But shouldn’t you (Perry) or Cruz have taken advantage of the situation when your daddy was president to solve this dilemma? Now Mr. Abbot is reading from the same book the others did during their campaign, “I will ensure that Washington take responsibility on securing our border”, wait a minute I though Texas didn’t need no one’s help to deal with their affairs, now you are calling on Washington to take care of your issues. What happened with seceding from the union because they just wanted your money? Please Texas if you are such a self-supported
    state stop blaming Washington for your failures, stop lying on your political campaigns
    and man up and take responsibility for your actions.