Greg Abbott has released a new web video from his recent campaign stops. Normally, I do not write about these types of videos, but this one is worth a closer look. This is a version of Greg Abbott I haven’t seen before, one that is tea party all the way. He invokes the language of the American revolution: He praises “Patriots” and “Warriors” and celebrates “Freedom,” and says, “Freedom is worth fighting for, and it is that freedom that we need to protect and defend now more than ever. And to do that, it takes more than words. It takes more than thoughts. It takes warriors to defend freedom, patriots who are willing to step into the fight.” It’s really over the top.

The video just left me shaking my head at what has become of political rhetoric in the age of the tea party. I’m sorry, but “Freedom” is not an issue in America in 2013. We are not in danger of losing our freedoms. But I do worry that if this is where the tea party is going in 2014, then I fear for the future of the Republican party in America. And Texas.