Patricia Kilday Hart attended the Dewhurst luncheon for the media today and filed this report: At Dewhurst’s luncheon for the press, reporters who had been checking their Blackberries during his remarks informed him of Hutchison’s announcement and asked: Will you run for her seat? Will you serve out your current 4-year term as lieutenant governor? To the first question, he answered, “I’ll consider that,” before talking extensively about how focused he is about having a productive session and solving the state’s problems. If he answered the second question, I didn’t pick up on it. It should be noted that Dewhurst talked a lot about federal issues during his remarks: his dislike of Obamacare, the need for more Border Patrol troops, his support of a federal amendment requiring a balanced budget. He also quite confidently took and responded to questions in Spanish from a television crew — one about the Arizona immigration law and how what Texas might do will differ. (His response had something to do — believe me, you don’t want to trust my Spanish translating skills — with how Texas would not require peace officers to check papers, as Arizona does, and instead leave it to their discretion.) All in all, he did nothing to dispel the idea that he was a man in campaign mode.