In the comments on my post, “It’s About Time,” referring to Colonel Davis’s resignation at DPS, there was some discussion about where the money was coming from for the renovation project at the Governor’s Mansion. Here is my understanding of how it will work: As of September 1, 2007, responsibility for the facility, grounds, and upkeep of the Governor’s Mansion has been transferred to the State Preservation Board. This is a good move. The $10 million funding for the renovation project (before the fire) came from a Facilities Commission bond issue. No hanky panky here. Governor Perry appears to want the Preservation Board to manage the renovation. The board is allowed to take tax-free donations for the Capitol, but the statute has no such authority for the Governor’s Mansion. There will probably be a 501-c-3 organization created for fundraising. This will be separate from the Friends of the Governor’s Mansion, which was instrumental in the renovation during Bill Clements’ governorship. The Friends do have an endowment, but the major fundraising will take place through the 501-c-3. The fundraising announcement could come as early as this week.