I made this point in an earlier post, but I think it warrants re-stating. Do not count Susan Combs out of the comptroller’s race. She has $6.9 million in her campaign account, and the field for comptroller is not the strongest. State representative Harvey Hilderbran and state senator Glenn Hegar have shown interest. Former gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina is a possibility, as is railroad commissioner Christi Craddick. Combs has been quite active recently in sending out reports of what she is doing. We have received them at TEXAS MONTHLY. Here is the most recent:

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I’ve got two pieces of good news!

First, I met with all of the major rating agencies this week to evaluate how Texas is doing. We expect very high ratings and really low borrowing rates for Texas because we manage our money well. It’s great news, and we have achieved these results because we’ve recognized a simple truth: managing a government budget is much like what you do with your own household budget. If only Washington would figure that one out!

Second, Americans have started to recognize the importance of transparency. People are questioning how a city like Detroit could go bankrupt without anyone knowing, and they’re looking for answers. That’s why I spent two days in New York City talking to national media about why Texas has made it through the recession stronger than virtually every other state. That’s also why we hope other states across the country will follow the Texas model.

On Thursday, I visited the FOX Business newsroom and talked with Lauren Simonetti about our local fiscal issues. We discussed how the new pension legislation will help keep Texans informed on public pension funding around the state. Later that afternoon, I went on Wilkow! to talk about what makes Texas great – it’s my favorite topic.

Make of it what you will, but she sure sounds like a candidate to me. Combs’ current term does not expire until 2015. It would not surprise me at all if she were to drop into the race for comptroller. She has the money, she has the name I.D., and she may have decided that she has rehabilitated herself sufficiently to make a run for it, notwithstanding the data breach disaster. She is certainly not hiding her light under a bushel basket. For a lame duck comptroller, she’s mighty active.