When I first wrote about the race for U.S. Senate, I said that there was no race, that Dewhurst has a huge lead in fundraising and name I.D. I still think that Dewhurst has the advantage over Ted Cruz, but, even in a state as big as Texas, there is such a thing as word-of-mouth, and it’s not on Dewhurst’s side. The Dew has never been one to spend time watering the grass roots. I don’t put much stock in the small-sample straw polls that have uniformly favored Cruz over Dewhurst, and Cruz’s endorsements from the likes of Tina Benkiser, George Strake, and Cathie Adams reflect yesterday’s RPT, not today’s. (George P. Bush’s endorsement of Cruz is of more contemporary value. ) But there is an enthusiasm gap in this race, and it favors Cruz. I wonder whether Dewhurst has bothered to have oppo research done on himself. I’ll bet there is a lot of stuff that won’t sell in an ultraconservative primary. I’ll bet, too, that Dan Patrick will have some unflattering things to say about the light gov. Dewhurst needs to take this race seriously, and so far I haven’t seen much indication that he is doing so.