A Perry supporter with ties to the campaign observes that Perry is not getting the enthusiastic treatment from Fox he has always enjoyed in the past. This could be a function of his struggling campaign, or of the confusion of the Republican primary race, but it could also be (the supporter speculates) a sign that Karl Rove could be suggesting to the powers at Fox that the network needs to back off, that Perry isn’t going to make it. If this is what is going on, then just consider how foolish and short-sighted Perry was to go around attacking George W. Bush for past few years, saying things like, “George was never a fiscal conservative,” as he did when he stumped for Giuliani in Iowa in 2008 and as he has done in Texas. There was no reason for him to do this–without Bush’s coattails in the 1998 lieutenant governor’s race, Rick Perry would never have been governor. Didn’t it occur to Perry that aggravating Rove might come back to haunt him?