The incumbent in the District 11 Senate race addresses Jaworski’s claim that the state windstorm pool did not have enough money to pay claims. I posted Jaworski’s press release yesterday. See “Senate District 11: Jaworski slams Jackson for missing key meeting.” What concerned me yesterday in Jaworski’s release, and what Jackson did not address in today’s statement, was his failure to show up at a meeting in Galveston about the future of the University of Texas Medical Branch, the Island’s largest employer, which the UT regents have targeted for downsizing. As I wrote yesterday, I cannot understand why a senator would not come to the aid of his constituents in such circumstances. I was writing as a Galveston native. Jackson knew how important this meeting was. His absence was inexcusable. Jackson’s release follows: Jackson sets record straight Accuses Jaworksi of trying to scare voters Windstorm insurance claims will be paid La Porte – State Senator Mike Jackson set the record straight one day after challenger Joe Jaworski desperately attempted to win votes by scaring residents of Senate District 11 by releasing a statement claiming that property owners covered under the Texas Windstorm Insurance Fund “likely will not be able to cover claims from Hurricane Ike.” Senator Jackson chastised Jaworski saying, “Trying to scare folks who have already lost so much to Hurricane Ike is the worst kind of campaigning. The good people of this district deserve better.” This statement was made despite the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association’s (TWIA) official action to make certain TWIA can cover all property owners’ claims since Hurricane Ike hit. “Either he is lying to the voters or he just doesn’t know what he is talking about,” said Senator Mike Jackson Campaign Manager Jason Smith. “The voters should expect more from Mr. Jaworski.” On Wednesday October 8th, Jim Oliver, the Executive Manager of TWIA, at the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association Board Meeting said that rumors of TWIA being unable to cover the claims of its policy holders were completely untrue. “After 20 years of serving as an elected official, I know how important it is to provide accurate information to my constituents,” said Senator Jackson. “I will continue to work closely with TWIA to make sure my constituents are served, as I have done since first being elected to office.” Mr. Jaworski’s allegations that Senator Jackson has not represented his constituents on this issue could not be further from the truth. Senator Jackson has worked to ensure that Texans have access to the best possible windstorm coverage. In fact, Senator Jackson led the fight in 2007 against a bill requiring all windstorm insurance policies to stipulate that a policy holder “may be paid less than the full amount of damages that you suffer.” Senator Jackson understands how important it is for Texas families to receive the full amount for damages so they may rebuild their life as quickly as possible, and he has supported nothing less for his constituents. Mr. Jaworski’s statement called the windstorm insurance bill a “reform” bill and claimed that Senator Jackson “stood up for the wrong side.” “Giving insurance companies the right to refuse full payment to its customers for a legitimate claim is not the type of reforms my constituents need. If that is wrong, I don’t want to be right,” said Senator Jackson. “As long as I’m representing this District in the Texas Senate, you can rest assured that insurance companies will pay their claims. The Texas Windstorm Insurance Association will pay all legitimate claims made by their policy holders”, Jackson concluded.