PoliticalWire.com reports:

Despite a terrible showing on Election Day, Karl Rove believes that American Crossroads and its more secretive issue-advocacy arm, Crossroads GPS — which allows donors to remain anonymous — are here to stay, the Washington Post reports.

“Rove is pondering new missions for Crossroads to address weaknesses laid bare by the GOP’s back-to-back failures to win the White House and the fact that the party fell short when expected to win back the Senate.”

“Where until now it battled only in general elections and against Democrats, Crossroads is considering whether to start picking sides in Republican primaries. The idea would be to boost the candidate it deems most electable and avoid nominating the kind of flawed and extreme ones who cost the party what should otherwise have been easy Senate wins in Florida, Missouri and Indiana.”

Does this mean that Karl is going to take on the tea party? I have two words of advice for him: “David Dewhurst.” If anyone was the “most electable” candidate in a race, it was Dewhurst. Rove can’t change the basic dynamic of his party, which is that the energy in today’s GOP lies with the extremists. The Republican party that elected George W. Bush president twice no longer exists. The establishment doesn’t control the Republican party. Rove should take a long look at the video of himself demanding that Fox News reverse its call that Obama won Ohio and contemplate whether his time as a political genius has passed.