Hutchison has climbed over 63%. Impressive.

The governor’s race has been remarkably stable. Perry is still at 40, Bell still at 29, Strayhorn still at 18, Kinky still at 10.

Never let it be said that Tom DeLay doesn’t know what he’s doing. Only four Republican incumbents are polling under 60% in the districts he drew for them: Pete Sessions in Dallas (58.91), John Culberson in Houston (58.53%), John Carter in Round Rock (58.99) and Michael McCaul in Austin (54.72). Both McCaul and Carter have safe R districts, based on the last two election cycles, but Travis County is SO liberal, they’d vote for the donkey if he were running against a Republican. Both McCaul and Carter refused to debate their opponents, which didn’t go over well. Maybe these numbers in the 50s indicate that a few Texans were noticing what was going on nationally.