I’m sure everybody heard all the “he’s gone” talk about Kevin Bailey. All talk, no walk. Bailey is up by 84 votes with 3 precincts out. I’m not calling it yet, but this is a terrible performance by the D’s with everything at stake. I wouldn’t be very confident about the D’s taking over Harris County in the fall if they can’t get 2,000 Latinos to vote in a district of 135,000 people. I heard all this talk about how they had 2,000 Hispanic households ready to vote. Talk, talk, talk. I heard last night that Bailey had put together a white/black coalition to win. Looks like it’s true. Amazing that the D’s couldn’t pull this off. They had everything riding on it. No wonder Craddick sleeps well at night.

To make matters worse, Al Edwards is coming back. Well, bad for Texas, good for Texas Monthly, as we like to say.

In the Valley:
Pena leads Saenz, 6,921 to 6,502, with 19 of 35 precincts out.
Flores leads Rodriguez, 7,247 to 6,684, with 22 of 37 precincts out.

Dukes slaughtered Thompson. This is one that the kid bloggers really blew. They convinced themselves that Thompson had a chance. Never. He was a weak candidate with no chance. Just because Dukes violates every ethics rule ever written and has all sorts of questionable deals doesn’t mean she’s vulnerable. This is a black district, not numerically but that’s who votes. Live and learn.