Remember, I’m not the local Chevvy dealer. You get no warranties from me. This just came in from a source who says he got the numbers from a Republican source: Thibaut — dead…behind in a district that Bill White is winning Dunnam — safe, RCCC pulled Flores’ ads, kills Marva Beck (R), likely indicator race is decided one way or the other Frost — ahead 44-40 but not safe Bolton ahead Heflin – minus 10 Gonzalez-Tourielles +10 Herrero +4 Maldonado even McReynolds +5 Miklos -5 but closing the gap, Kent similar Moody — very close, early voting shows 3-2 D voting history. Turner +5 Kirk England — “He’s OK” Hochberg — “Republicans aren’t even polling him” Rose — too close to call Homer — opponents’ foibiles may have come out too late Vo — could be in trouble General comment — Republican wave may have ebbed, peaked too soon I’m publishing this exactly as it was relayed to me.