Here is the the letter Ken Legler sent his GOP colleagues: It is time to take a stand against appointed judges who do not care what the elected legislation and the people of Texas want. The recent ruling maps from the judges in San Antonio does not only affect a few districts across the state but affects the entire Republican House and Senate. If we allow this to happen now, we are giving the go-ahead to the judges that they have the say-so over elected officials. The Republican Party will continue to lose as we do not have the gumption to take a stand. We may be only talking about small number of seats now but the precedent will mean the Republican Party will be the minority in less than six years. I’m asking the Republican caucus to stand in unison and ask for a stay on the current maps from the judges in San Antonio. All Republicans whether your district is affected or not need to stand up and say we will not take this. I’m asking you to call Jay Dyer with the attorney general’s office and ask for a stay, his cell phone number is [removed]. Please do not let them try to talk you out of it, the Republican Party is scared of having the primary pushed to a later date but that is a small price to pay this election so we may have the maps that the elected representatives passed to be presented and argued on merit, instead of allowing federal judges in San Antonio draw the maps for their agenda. /s/ Ken Legler * * * * I want to set the record straight on this post. Legler wrote, in his letter to his colleagues, “Please don’t let them talk you out of it.” I thought that “them” referred to the attorney general’s office, since some members had expressed unhappiness at that office’s efforts, and Legler had provided a phone number at the AG’s office. In fact, Legler was referring to officials at the state Republican party, who were concerned that the primary might be delayed. I had also written, “The silence from the speaker’s office is deafening.” At that time, I was unaware that Speaker Straus had issued a statement. Subsequently, Jerry Strickland at the attorney general’s office provided me with the text of Straus’s statement, as did Straus’s office. At that point, I began rewriting the post with an alternate version that made clear that “them” referred to the state party and including Straus’s statement. That version somehow disappeared, and the original version, which was incorrect, was published. This is entirely my error. Mr. Strickland has posted in the comments section criticism of my failure to correct my original post. I thought that the correct version of the post had been published. Unfortunately, I was wrong. His criticisms are appropriate. I was quite horrified when I looked at the story tonight and found that the original version had been up on the web site for several hours, and the corrected version was lost in cyberspace. I made a mess of this and apologize for the confusion, which was mine. Other material not relevant to my errors has been deleted from this post.