This is a swing district, one of the few in the state. I thought it presented the Democrats with a good opportunity to pick up a seat, but the report I get from El Paso is that Moody has been almost invisible in the community since he lost the seat in 2010.  The district should be 50-50 on party lines, but Margo appears to be in the driver’s seat. ire under Moody — quick. This is not a race that the Democrats can blame on redistricting. Moody was drawn into Marisa Marquez’s district, but Moody has said he will move into his old district (78) to challenge Margo. But corruption investigations in El Paso have thrown local politics into turmoil, and the lack of a state Democratic organization means that Moody won’t be getting much outside help. However, Obama will be running a lot of TV just across the state line in New Mexico, a swing state, which will have an impact in El Paso. Obama carried the district by 10 points in 08, and Bill White barely won it in 2010. Other commenters to previous posts have made similar points. Moody’s consultant, Jeff Crosby, attempted to post a comment on the race but was unable to do so. I am going to post his remarks here: “It’s your source that needs the lasik surgery. It’s true, [Moody] isn’t out much during the work day because he’s busy with his job–prosecuting criminals. However, he’s all over the place nights and weekends. More importantly, Dee Margo has several votes against the district…. ” [I omitted a repetition of Moody’s success in the district in 2010.] (end of Crosby comment]