This was an important victory for McCain. He had lost in Michigan, a state in which he was running ahead until the final days, and he needed a victory here for momentum into Florida. His victory is all the more important because this is a Southern state, rich in evangelical votes, and McCain proved he could run strongly there.

With 93% of precincts reporting:
McCain 33%
Huckabee 30%
Thompson 16%
Romney 15%

This surely spells the end for Thompson. South Carolina is where he said he would make his stand. Now take a seat.

McCain 13
Huckabee 3

McCain, Giuliani, Romney, and Huckabee are closely bunched in Florida.’s average of six recent polls yields this result:

McCain 23.2%
Giuliani 20.3%
Romney 18.0%
Huckabee 17.3%

Florida is a winner-take-all primary.

On the Democratic side, Clinton has a huge lead over Obama (19 points). This is a well oiled machine except for the candidate herself. It’s going to be hard for Obama to match her in the delegate rich states in organization and experience.