Like many Americans, I’ve spent much of Election Day thus far keeping a close eye on the news and a few developments are worth highlighting. First, real-time analyses of the results to this point, from Votecastr, would seem to augur well for Hillary Clinton. So too does the news that Donald Trump has filed a lawsuit alleging that officials in in Clark County, Nevada, kept the polls in that “Democratic stronghold” open for an extra two hours on the last day of early voting.

To be clear, Texans: the polls will be open until 7 p.m. today. And if you are in line at that time, you will be able to vote.

I’ll relay further developments as they come along, and, in the interim, I wanted to pass along two pieces that may be worth reading today. First, Tyler Cowen, an economist, had an interesting conversation about elections with the psychologist Jonathan Haidt, whose work has occasionally come up in the comments here at BurkaBlog. Second, Ted Cruz had a rally to get out the vote yesterday; Chris Hooks attended, and arrived at an assessment that strikes me as sound: “Life comes at you fast.”