Yesterday, I posted a story about Raul Torres’ decision to challenge Juan Hinojosa in SD-20. To quote the former president of the United States, I completely misunderestimated what was going on. Republicans have opened an offensive on a broad front against incumbent Hispanic senators. Uresti, Lucio, Hinojosa, and Zaffirini all have Republican opponents. UPDATE: I recently checked GOP filings. Jose Rodriguez and Mario Gallegos have GOP challengers as well. The only Hispanic incumbent who does not have a primary opponent is Leticia Van de Putte. (I checked the RPT filings; no one filed in her SD-26.) This is the first sign that the Republicans are coming to their senses and have realized that they have to contest races in Latino Texas. This was a well thought-out plan, executed brilliantly — and stealthily. Lozano’s party switch was the tip of the iceberg. I don’t think that the R’s would put this much time and effort into this strategy if they didn’t have a lot of money lined up behind it. The Republicans are willing to suffer some defeats, and they will. But they have sent a signal that they intend to be a factor in Hispanic politics from now on. Meanwhile, the Democratic party, what there is of it, slumbers peacefully.