I don’t see how Herman Cain wriggles out of the latest charges of sexual impropriety. Are his supporters going to continue to think that he is a serial victim of attention-seekers and the media? The number of incidents is piling up. At some point, the old saw about smoke and fire is going to undermine even the most faithful of his admirers. You know that he is going to be asked about the charges in the debate tonight. The big problem for him is that an accuser has come forward who is willing to give her name and tell her story. Cain’s strategy has been to deny all and to accuse his latest accuser, Sharon Bialek, of hiring a celebrity lawyer, but the burden is always on the accused in cases like this. Cain has already dropped in the polls and he is probably headed for a free fall. I’d say the over/under for his remaining in the presidential race is Thanksgiving.