The governor’s trusteed (read: “slush”) funds continue to be a rich lode for members to mine for the pet projects. Frost has an amendment to take $10M from the Enterprise Fund and add it to approximately $5M in Military Preparedness funds for Defense Economic Assistance Grants to defense communities. Another amendment takes $10M from Statewide Technology Account–Interagency Contracts and allocates it to military preparedness. Al Edwards proposes to amend a rider that provides for the “completion of” the Juneteenth historical monument, along with the perpetual care of same. Readers will recall that the lawmaker in the monument is said to bear a remarkable resemblance to … Al Edwards. Hildebran directs the Historical Commission to fund educational and visitor’s centers out of its appropriation. Anchia directs the Department of Information Resources to utilize energy efficient multicore servers wherever possible. Dunnam has an amendment to provide funds, contingent upon passage of his bill to make the Governor’s mansion an historic museum and purchase the Pease Mansion as the governor’s residence. It’s going to take forever if I don’t skip some amendments, so let’s move on to Article II. Lots of controversial stuff there.