In addition to listing the money Craddick got for Midland (see previous post, “Promoting Permian Pork”), the speaker’s Web site also announces his intention to press for enactment of legislation authorizing appraisal and revenue caps in the next legislative session. More may be involved in his support for caps than his political philosophy. I looked at the key vote on appraisal caps in the 79th Legislature, which was the Villareal amendment to strike the enabling clause (“BE IT RESOLVED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF TEXAS”) of Representative Bohac’s proposed constitutional amendment. The motion to table failed by a 66-77 vote, and the amendment was ultimately adopted, thereby killing the proposal. Among the Republicans voting against the motion to table were the following:

Delwin Jones

All but Cook voted not to table the Geren secret-ballot amendment that was the crucial vote in the speaker’s race, and Cook subsequently split from Craddick late in the session. By making appraisal and revenue caps an issue now, Craddick has laid the groundwork for challengers running against these anti-Craddick members to use the caps issue in Republican primary races. It is a clever play by a wily and relentless man.