A couple of questions: 1. Did Ogden get pressure from Brazos County leaders to run? There were indications that the folks in Bryan were none too happy at the prospect that the district would be represented by someone from Williamson County. Brazos County would be unlikely to get the seat back anytime soon. It is not growing relative to the state’s growth. Williamson County is. 2. Does Dewhurst really want Ogden back? The plus side is that Ogden’s knowledge of the budget will be valuable in what is sure to be a crunch session. The minus side is that Dewhurst had been talking to senators interested in being chairman of Finance, a list that included at least Averitt, Duncan, Williams, and probably Shapiro, and was contemplating a larger shuffle of the deck that would move chairs around. This would have been a shrewd move by Dewhurst, who has been a frequent target of grumbling from inside the Republican caucus since 2005 — an opportunity to remind GOP senators of who really runs the Senate. That opportunity has been lost with Ogden’s likely return.