I received a call from Catherine Frazier in the governor’s office early today (Tuesday). She was very critical of the last paragraph of the blog post about the allegations in the e- book. This is how it reads: The question that must be asked, and must be answered, is what did the people in the Perry campaign know about Perry’s use of painkillers, and when did they know it? Perry has always run a secretive operation, but to run the risk of addiction as a presidential candidate, not to mention the risk of having it be discovered, is, even by Perry standards, amazingly reckless. The revelations in the book raise a the issue of whether he should continue to serve as governor, much less contemplate another presidential race. Perry should be called upon to release his medical records immediately. If these allegations stick, I don’t see how he can be a viable candidate for any office. I invited Ms. Frazier to post a response. This is what she wrote: What is amazingly reckless are the salacious assertions in this blog post. Your comments take an already an unfounded, unsourced and untrue news story to an entirely new,  irresponsible and sensationalist level. Campaign officials made it clear from the beginning that Gov. Perry’s surgery was a success and reiterated yesterday that Politico’s allegations are completely false. There is nothing more to this story than rumors and misinformation that those who have no regard for the truth will continue to spread. Gov. Perry has been fully recovered for months, is glad to be back in Texas and looks forward to continue leading our state as the nation’s top job creator and best place in the country to live, work, raise a family and start a business.