From the Midland congressional district (sent by Ted Delisi) Gov Race Perry: 44 KBH: 27 Medina: 16 Undecided: 13 If Hutchison has a four point lead over Medina (PPP poll), Medina has a very good shot at overtaking KBH. If the margin is 11 points, that’s a different story. This is a dangerous week for Medina. She must find a way to sustain her momentum before early voting starts. Texas Credit Union League Poll of Texas Primary Voters (sample = 400) Republican Primary Rick Perry 49 Kay Bailey Hutchison 27 Debra Medina 19 White held a commanding lead in the Democratic primary. Suppose the Republican Primary election for Texas governor were held today, who would you vote for (READ AND RANDOMIZE LIST) — who do you think you would support? (IF UNDECIDED) Well, which one do you lean toward at this time? Rick Perry …49 Kay Bailey Hutchison… 27 Debra Medina 19 Undecided … 5