The SurveyUSA site is not user-friendly, at least not to this user, but a friend helped me navigate to the new numbers in the monthly tracking poll for April. As I previously reported, President Bush is 40% favorable, 56% unfavorable. Only the presidential numbers have been posted. However, I was able to find the latest numbers for Rick Perry, Kay Bailey Hutchison, and John Cornyn.

Perry: 42% favorable, 55% unfavorable, a negative slide of 7 points since March, when his numbers were 44/50. This seems credible to me.

Hutchison: 63% favorable, 31% unfavorable, an improvement of 5 points since March, when her numbers were 59/32. Her numbers may be enhanced by the chatter that she intends to run for governor in 2010.

Cornyn (as reported earlier today): 43% favorable, 40% unfavorable, a decline of 5 points since March, when his numbers were 47/39.

If you look at last month’s results and click on the T (for tracking), you can find the April numbers for President Bush, the two senators, and Governor Perry, and previous polls going back to May 2005.