A reader sent in a comment to my earlier post this morning, “YouTube Ds,” which I want to address in the main portion of the blog, rather than in the comment section:

The ubiquitous “anonymous” quotes me as saying, “The Craddick Ds were the firewall that saved Craddick’s speakership,” then asks: “Is the race a done deal? This quote of yours gives the impression of someone looking back at the race in hindsight. I think we’re far from it – last night was a busy one….. ” [ellipses are in the original comment]

Good editing. Bad writing. I still think Craddick is going to win, but I cannot say with certainty that the race is a done deal. I’m going to change the earlier post to read, “If Craddick wins today, the Craddick Ds will be the firewall that saved his speakership.” This is not a waffle; it’s a correction.