This morning I attended the National Conference of Editorial Writers in Dallas. I was a member of the early morning panel (8:30 a.m.) about blogging and emerging technology. Governor Perry was the lunchtime speaker. I did not hear his remarks, as I left after my panel in what turned out to be a futile effort to get back to Austin in time to teach a class at UT. It was just as well. A reader posted a comment to “Base ball,” which I published yesterday. The comment was a letter to Governor Perry that was posted on the NCEW Web site. Dear Gov. Perry: The National Conference of Editorial Writers was stunned and disappointed today when you spoke at our luncheon and did not take questions. Had it been due to a tight schedule, we would have understood. But, clearly, you had ample time to work the room by shaking hands both before and after your talk. You also gave an extended interview before TV cameras in the hallway, in full view of NCEW members for whom you indicated you had no more time. This is an affront to any notion of civil discourse, such as the kind you have called for on other occasions. We believe you and your staff have been disingenuous in the characterization of your schedule. If you had hoped to make a positive impression on this national press group, I must tell you that you utterly failed. Sincerely, Tom Waseleski NCEW President * * * * I did hear talk that Perry was not going to answer questions. It is possible that this was just a misunderstanding, but any seasoned politician knows that when he agrees to speak to the media, he is going to be expected to take questions. Maybe the fact that the Dallas Morning News, which has been no admirer of Perry in this election cycle, was the host newspaper, explains his actions. It’s kinda creepy.