…today’s hot rumor in the governor’s race.

Which is, that Perry is falling and Strayhorn is rising. The source, apparently, is the Strayhorn campaign, which may release an internal poll tomorrow showing Strayhorn overtaking Bell in the race for second. Perry is in the low thirties, Strayhorn in the mid-twenties, and Bell is a couple of points behind her. Kinky is barely in double digits. The argument is that this is the start of a shift away from Perry. I’m skeptical. His previous movement, though hardly a wave, was in the other direction. Also, twelve days out (and the fourth day of early voting) seems early for a big shift, particularly when the beneficiary is an independent who doesn’t have the benefit of a party turnout machine.

In addition to disclaiming any warranties, I herewith post a caveat emptor about candidates’ internal polls.