Fox said Obama’s lead in the exit polls evaporated in NJ and narrowed in Alabama, but there was enough of a vote to win the state.

Still too close to call:

Rove on Missouri: Looking at Sec of State web site. McCain carrying suburban counties in suburban St Louis and McCain. Rove says McCain wins if it holds up in the suburbs. Huckabee is doing well just in the rural counties. Romney won one suburban county. Rove explains that McCain is picking up delegates by finishing second, e.g. Alabama. Huckabee won, but 45 delegates will be 27 Huck, 18 McCain. Chris Wallace has won only home state of Europe. Rove: to be fair, he has put a lot of money in California, in LA. Democratic congressional districts but Republicans still have 3 delegates per district.

Rove is doing well. He’s playing it down the middle.

Four states in northeast bloc gave McCain 198 votes.

Kansas Caucus: Obama wins, but we don’t know how the candidates did. 32 delegates at stake but they will be divvied up.

Fred Barne: Romney has to win one big state. Massachusetts doesn’t help much. Three others. NJ. He didn’t win. Missouri. He’s in the running but may not win. Or California. He has to win one to have a rational for continuing in the race. He can’t say, I won Massachusetts and Utah.