Senate Finance Chairman Steve Ogden stormed off in the opposite direction from other conference committee negotiators as they left Speaker Joe Straus’ office. Caught in the stairwell behind the House, Ogden made a dour prediction: “We really haven’t made any progress. “There’s several issues. The thing that’s frustrating to me is we’re talking about everything But what we have to do. We’re talking about how much of the rainy day fund to spend, do this, do this. We’ve got to pass the school bill or none of hit works. We’ve got to pass 1811 or none of it works. Everything else can be negotiated. Those two things have got to pass. Right now, the House is going to postpone 1811, which I think guarantees a special session. And the House has no idea what to do on a school bill. Either one of those will guarantee a special session. Guarantee it. “One of the things that’s happening is in the negotiations we’re not even talking about those. We’re talking about everything else. So I’m kind of frustrated.” Bother Senate Bill 1811 and the school finance plan were parts of the fiscal matters bills that were to be debated by the House today. Appropriations Chairman Jim Pitts just postponed the debate on 1811 until Thursday. By R.G. RATCLIFFE