A new name has surfaced in the thus-far nonexistent race for the Senate seat which may or may not be vacated by Kay Bailey Hutchison. It’s George Seay III, of Dallas. The name may be new, but the family is familiar: He is Bill Clements’ grandson. Here is a slightly outdated writeup about him from sourcewatch.org. George Seay III, a Dallas, Texas businessman, is the co-founder and CEO of Annandale Capital, the founder of the Seay Stewardship & Investment Co., and the grandson of former Texas Governor Bill Clements. Seay is chairman of Legacy, which he co-founded with Ray W. Washburne, “a real estate and Tex-Mex-restaurant baron.” The “political group” of “affluent Evangelicals” is “one of the most eagerly courted, screening committees for the next G.O.P. presidential nominee,” Mike Allen wrote in TIME on August 7, 2006, at which time “all the marquee ’08 Republican candidates [had] spoken to Legacy or met with its founders.” Seay is a bundler for 2008 Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, serves on Romney’s Texas Finance Committee, which includes Swiftboat funder Bob Perry, and is a member of Romney’s National Faith and Values Steering Committee. More info on Washburne, also from sourcewatch.org: Legacy was co-founded by Seay and Washburne. Since 1990, Washburne has been the Chairman and CEO of Charter Holdings, where George Prescott Bush, the eldest son of Florida governor Jeb Bush, nephew of President George W. Bush, and grandson of former President George H.W. Bush, has been a vice president since around mid-2006. * * * * I think if Perry had his druthers, he would prefer to appoint Michael Williams to the Senate. It’s a bold move that would shine a national spotlight on both Perry and Williams. Appointing a black Republican senator from Texas would be an in-your-face gesture toward Obama. The obvious problem is that Williams is not well known and would have a harder time holding the seat than Dewhurst or just about anybody else.