The UT/Texas Tribune poll shows Cain leading Perry IN TEXAS (!) by the slimmest of margins, 27% to 26%. Other findings: Perry’s job approval as governor: 39% approve, 44% disapprove (He’s still Governor 39%) Credit for the state’s economic well being –is due to the state’s longstanding economic policies such as a mandatory balanced budget, the absence of an income tax, and a lenient regulatory environment: 65% –is due to Rick Perry’s policies: 21% These are dangerous numbers for Perry. Despite his continuing claims of creating jobs, almost 2/3 of Texans do not give him credit for the state’s economic well being. And his job approval is under water at 39% disapprove, 44% approve. With numbers like these, and with his poor performance in the presidential race, Perry is slipping into vulnerable territory, even in Texas.