4:07 p.m. Talton just raised a point of order against further consideration of the appropriations bill. You have to hand it to the guy. He isn’t groveling to get back in Craddick’s good graces. I thought it would take Craddick a nanosecond to overrule it, but there’s a pretty good huddle around the speaker’s desk.

There it is. Overruled. Ten nanoseconds.

Coleman got to the microphone to offer an amendment but never got to offer it. Gattis raised a point of order (it changes general law) and it was sustained before Coleman could say a word.

There was a long argument over abortion about an hour ago, an effort to take $5 million away from alternative abortion programs and spend it elsewhere. Now we’re going to have it again. Villareal is trying to do the same thing, with the money going to family planning (from which it was taken to fund alternative abortion programs). Jim Jackson went to the back mike and asked, Is this groundhog day? Villareal insists on having this debate anyway. The last effort lost by something like two to one. Somebody throw a delay-of-game flag on Villareal.

Somebody threw one. It was Gattis. Gentleman’s time has expired. The amendment was tabled, 92-50.