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High Noon on Tax Cuts

Apr 28, 2015 By R.G. Ratcliffe

The Texas House today is taking up its sales tax cut package, setting up a showdown with the Senate and its property tax cuts.

The Big Three Breakfast Blows Up

Apr 22, 2015 By R.G. Ratcliffe

A contentious breakfast between the state leadership today ended with Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick declaring he was tired of Governor Greg Abbott and Speaker Joe Straus “picking on me.”

Michael Quinn Sullivan, Tax Cuts and the DPS Connection

Apr 17, 2015 By R.G. Ratcliffe

Legislative influencer Michael Quinn Sullivan is running a pro-Senate property tax cut telephone campaign to convince Republican legislators who voted for Speaker Joe Straus to support Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick’s plan over the House sales tax cut. But there’s also a back-door link to the state ethics bill.  

Bill Hammond Is One Not Like the Others

Apr 7, 2015 By R.G. Ratcliffe

Texas Association of Business President Bill Hammond’s appearance at a news conference of Democrats and human rights activists to oppose anti-gay legislation raises the question: Has the Republican Party moved too far to the right?

DPS Makes a Border Bust

Apr 1, 2015 By R.G. Ratcliffe

The Texas Department of Public Safety has faced questions about whether the border surge made the rest of the state less secure and whether it is taking credit for other law enforcement agencies actions, but now the DPS has announced a major border bust all of its own.


Apr 1, 2015 By Erica Grieder

It’s hard to argue with results of the House debate over the budget bill.

Budget Wizardry

Mar 25, 2015 By R.G. Ratcliffe

The House and Senate are tying themselves into budget and tax cut knots just to avoid spending the money they have.