This e-mail went out over the signature of Diane Nusbaum URGENT NEWS REGARDING SPEAKER RACE I have held off on this announcement until I was able to wrap my arms around this position. I have been asked to chair the state wide grass roots effort to help get Ken Paxton elected as Speaker. This is NOT tied to Ken’s campaign; rather we are strategically working targeted districts. This grassroots program was started by several conservative activists & leaders in Collin County with very good results. They have done a phenomenal job, and I am just taking what they have done and expanding it state wide, with the blessing of several key leaders. Obviously I will not discuss strategy in email, but I would like you to know we hope to accomplish the following goals: 1. Create awareness of the speaker race to conservative voters in key districts. 2. Promote a “call to action” among those targeted voters to put pressure on their representatives. For those of you who felt that there was nothing more you could do because you either have someone voting for Ken, live in a democratic district, or have already called your representative 10 times to get them to change his/her mind – we have need of you! The plan that we created works! If you are interested in making calls with simple scripts to targeted districts, please email a reply. Or send this email out to your group and have them email me at the contact info below. I also want to mention that there are several groups, as you know, already out there doing whatever they can to make things happen for Ken Paxton. We want to work alongside what you are doing! Please have your club/organization leader call or email me. One thing that we are on board with is the Dallas Tea Party event on Monday, December 13th. This is a rally at every local district office around the state of Texas, and will take place from 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. Please put it on your calendar and spread the word! We are all very passionate about the future of our state and country. What a privilege it is to be a party of securing quality principled leadership with Ken Paxton as House Speaker. * * * * I don’t see anything new here. It’s Back to the Future: bringing what was going on in November into January. “Strategically working targeted districts” presumably translates to threats of primary opponents. That is the only poison-tipped arrow in the quiver. The grass roots are going to run up against the reality that (1) anything that happens in the Republican caucus is not binding; and (2) outside groups are impotent in speaker’s races. Each member’s decision about whom to support is made on his or her evaluation of what vote is best for their own careers. Most are going to be concerned with their role in the 2011 session, not what might happen in the 2012 primary. Any politician worth his salt goes into an election cycle assuming that a primary opponent could surface. Every speakers race ultimately comes down to a candidate’s ability to persuade his or her colleagues that he can amass enough votes to win. Straus doesn’t have to depend upoin anything except members’ word. Some time between now and January 11, Paxton is going to have to produce names of members who are switching from Straus to him. It’s likely that there are some moles on the Straus list who will switch, generating a headline or two, in an attempt to create momentum. I can’t see how Paxton gets to 76. Outside pressure does not win speakers races. Remember the rule: If you have the names, you lay them out. If you don’t lay them out, you don’t have the names. Advice to the tea party: Ten shopping days before Christmas might not be the best time to get folks interested in a speakers race.