Scott Horsley in Phoenix — Went according to plan in the East Coast. Hit the big winner take all states to make his nomination seem inevitable. (Maybe this is why he left California.) They didn’t worry as much about the South, because Huckabee was stronger there than Huckabee. More concerned long term about Romney than Huckabee. On the McCain plane this afternoon, when word came in about Huckabee winning in West Virgina, there was a cheer from the staff section of the plane. “On this plane, we heart Huckabee” somebody said.

Obama wins Utah

Obama is leading Clinton in Connecticut. Very close, 50-47.

NPR’s Audi Cornish at Romney HDQ. “Romney was dampening expectations about the South, where Huckabee was campaigning heavily.” They are looking at Georgia, Missouri, California. “They are downplaying Huckabee’s existence.” What is the crowd like? “Very subdued. They are keeping the thundersticks under their arms.” He will speak in around 15 minutes.