From, my favorite Web site for national politics: Perry’s Book Due Out After Election Look what’s coming just after the midterm elections: Fed Up!: Our Fight to Save America from Washington by Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Despite Perry’s insistence that he’s not interested in running for president, this will surely fuel the speculation. The original pub date was September, so someone must have made the decision that the timing was better in November — Christmas gifts, etc. I have been surprised that Perry’s name has not been mentioned for president. He never appears in presidential preference surveys. Yet, it’s clear that he has been honing a national message ever since April 2009, the emergence of the Tea Party and the moment of his famous/infamous secession remark. More than any other politician, Perry has consistently challenged and criticized Barack Obama and the federal government. And now the book. I have always believed that Perry is running for national office. Why else would he run for a third term? More land deals? More budget cuts? Pick A&M’s next football coach? Prepare for a fourth term in 2014? Been there, done that. He has done everything he can do here. The book is perfectly timed, right at the moment that the focus will shift from 2010 to 2012.