I’m not surprised. As I said last when the Daily Beast‘s Jill Lawrence wrote that  Perry needed an economic plan, there is no chance, zip, zero, zilch, none, that Perry would come out with a detailed plan. It’s not what they do. Perry is going to stick to the Carney game plan–attack Romney, attack Obama, repeat his talking points. I suppose that the $17.1 million the campaign took in during the previous quarter will reinforce the belief among Team Perry that everything is going well. But behind the numbers of how much money Perry amassed was the fact that half of it came from Texas. That’s not so good. It means his fundraising is not broad-based, and it also means that during the next reporting period, Perry is either going to have to find new donors, or else go back to the well with his Texas donors, who may not be so eager to contribute again after just having opened their wallets.