This is an excerpt from a newspaper story about Governor Perry’s appearance before the combined chambers of commerce of Deer Park, Pasadena, and South Belt/Ellington. The e-mail from the Perry campaign says that it appeared in the Deer Park Broadcaster and the Pasadena Citizen: Perry acknowledged that Texas is not without its issues. “We’ve got our challenges,” he said. “When you’re the number one exporting state in the country – which we have been for the last seven years – and you have that kind of national and international contraction of the economy, sure you’re going to affected by it.” “But we’re still substantially better than any other state.” Perry pointed to the fact that Texas’ unemployment rate is 1.8 percent less than the national average. The question is how to keep unemployment low and keep working toward more growth. “The answer is to create a climate where the jobs get created in this state,” he said. “I unabashedly tell people, I said, ‘You want to send a message to Washington, D.C., that there is a blueprint to get this country out of the recession that we’re in, look at Texas. You want an answer? It’s in the state of Texas.” # # # # I don’t want to nitpick this, but it is impossible to tell when these remarks were made in relation to the Perry’s videotaped joke about the recession. Readers can link to the article to see that there is no indication that the language followed the joke. Nor does the language indicate any empathy with people who have lost their jobs, as some commenters have claimed he did. So I don’t think we have made much headway in solving The Case of the [Allegedly] Doctored Videotape. I do appreciate the opportunity to provide the governor’s remarks, as reported, to readers.