From the Houston Chronicle: Former Georgia state Sen. John Douglas blamed his decision to abandon Perry to the candidate’s “difficult” staff and his plummeting public support. Douglas announced his switch on Facebook, both on his personal page and the Rockdale County Republican Party’s page: After very careful consideration and lengthy discussions with many key supporters, I am leaving the Perry camp, effective immediately. I no longer see a path to victory for him and have had great difficulties dealing with his staff. I have heard similar complaints around town from friends of Perry who are figuratively pulling their hair out in their efforts to help and getting nowhere. It’s hard to imagine. Problems with Ray Sullivan? Deirdre Delisi? I can’t believe it. Such wonderful folks. On a more serious note, this is what happens when a small group of people is in power for ten years. You begin to think you own the place, that you’re bulletproof, that you can do anything and get away with it. The Trans-Texas corridor was the most brazen of their power plays, but the list is too long to recount, the most recent being the granting of a permit, on a 2-1 vote by the TCEQ, the two both being Perry appointees, for an injection well in a Montgomery County oilfield, over the objections of local officials and the Texas Railroad Commission, not to mention residents who fear groundwater pollution. The main beneficiaries? Former Oklahoma football coach Barry Switzer, of all people, and Phil Adams, an A&M regent with longtime ties to Perry. Needless to say, both have been major donors to the governor.