The appointment of Jeffrey S. Boyd is cronyism, pure and simple. Mr. Boyd has one of the skimpiest resumes I have ever seen for a high judicial appointment:

* Senior partner in a prominent law firm (Thompson & Knight)

* Chief of staff for the governor

* General counsel for the governor

* Deputy attorney general for Greg Abbott and John Cornyn

* President of the Robert W. Calvert American Inn of Court (a service organization)

* Member of the State Bar of Texas

* Judicial experience: none

Texas has fourteen courts of appeals. These courts have distinguished, experienced judges. Surely Governor Perry could have filled the vacancy on the Supreme Court with a sitting judge who is worthy of elevation to Texas’s highest court.

This is not the first time Perry has put a staffer on the Court. He appointed his former general counsel, David Medina, to the Court, but he was defeated for reelection in the Republican primary. Perry’s appointees do not have a high survival rate.