The fundraiser is scheduled for August 9 at the Austin Club. Checks are to be made payable to Texans for Rick Perry. This is a state PAC, not a federal PAC. None of the contributions may be used in a federal race, even if Perry later establishes an exploratory committee for president. Of course, Perry can use contributions for travel to such hot spots as Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada. What really raised eyebrows about the invitations is that the amount of solicited contributions has been taken to an unprecedented level. Not so long ago, a $10,000 check was considered generous.  The top donor level for sponsorships at the upcoming fundraiser is $100,000/Lone Star Council Platinum. Donors will receive 6 tickets to a private reception and 4 tickets to a general reception. For the private reception, that comes to $16,667 a ticket; for the general reception, it’s a bargain-basement $2,500 a ticket. The next level is $50,000/Lone Star Council Gold. That will buy you 8 tickets, four each to the private and general receptions. For the hoi polloi, $25,000/Lone Star Council Silver, will get you 3 tickets to the private reception and 2 to the general reception. $10,000/Sponsor donors receive 2 tickets to the general reception and 1 ticket to the private reception. $5,000/Host donors get 1 ticket each for the private and general receptions. $1,000/Guest donors receive one ticket to the general reception. * * * * A $100,000 level for a fundraiser is unprecedented in this state. However, major donors such as Bob Perry and James Leininger have made very large contributions to certain individual candidates.