The Perry campaign sent this letter to supporters over the name of consultant Dave Carney: Thanks for all of your help during the primary. The primary results are a real testament to the massive amount of support the Governor has across the Texas . Everyone helps in their own way. Now that the dust has settled the real work begins. We need to each individually reach out to the supporters of our former competitors and welcome them with open arms. The 2010 general election is the real prize and sitting on our past victories is a prescription for failure. Moving Texas forward continues to be the mission. You may have missed the news but Texas created 15,000 more new jobs in January while the nation continues to bleed jobs like it bleeds red ink from DC. And our hapless opponent is a failed liberal frustrated politician who spent the last year office shopping. In few interviews he has morphed into a combination of Jimmy Carter, Mike Dukakis, Al Gore and John Kerry rolled in to one who’s trying to avoid letting voters know where he really stands. The campaign isn’t a week old and he has already refused to release his income taxes, a true sign of enlightened leadership — keep it a secret from voters that you’ve amassed a fortune after years of public service. His platform is all doom and gloom without a single positive solution, and his past record indicates that his borrow-and-spend approach to issues would drive the economy downward. Oh and he forgets that he’s a plaintiff trial lawyer — which Bill White himself admitted is a bad thing! White has refused to rule out raising and creating new taxes and he is against spending cuts it appears. He does not support cap and trade because it does not go far enough to regulate carbon (a job killer in Texas if there ever was one). He has fought against guns. He denies that Houston is a sanctuary city despite the fact that Houston is classified as one by the respected nonpartisan Congressional Research Service. He has overseen the most secretive city administration in modern times it seems, as his minions have been on a shredding tear to destroy records of who knows what. His refusal to take a stand on any issue seems odd. He brags about pioneering the trial lawyers’ best friend, contingency fees, yet he won’t reveal how he voted on the tort reform constitutional amendments of just a few years ago. Trying it have it both ways I guess? And somehow he thinks he isn’t a typical politician? But all of this nonsense should not deter our efforts. We must continue to use the positive agenda the Governor has laid out for Texas and we must redouble our efforts over the next eight months. Recruiting new Perry Home Headquarters, building upon the social media platforms and continuing to promote Texas as the land of opportunity will serve us best over this campaign. Again thanks for all you do, huge or small, it all adds up. Dave