A reader commented on the previous posting, “Photo Op”:

Has it occurred to you that perhaps the videographer was there to cast suspicion on the Dems and neutralize the “intimidation” issue for Craddick? Dollars to doughnuts the guy was on Craddick’s payroll so the old man can say, “see, they do it too!” Nakedly transparent and totally in character.

Since the issue has been raised, I feel obligated to report that I first learned about the photographer in a call from a Craddick supporter. I didn’t think then and I don’t think now that Craddick was behind this. Let’s see … would he hire a photographer to take pictures of Republicans who are coming to his meeting? No, that doesn’t sound right. What’s the point? Well, how about the Craddick Democrats? Maybe Craddick wants to get them even madder at their own party than they already are. No, that doesn’t make sense, because (1) If they’re mad, Craddick doesn’t need to do anything to keep their vote; and (2) Suppose the play works, and a couple of the Ds do get intimidated and switch to Pitts. Now Craddick has lost votes. He has nothing to gain from hiring a photographer.