This is from Mike Allen’s “Playbook”: BREAKING: NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports JIM STEINBERG will be DEPUTY SECRETARY OF STATE, barring unforeseen developments. She hears both Obama and Senator Clinton want it. Steinberg, deputy national security adviser for President Bill Clinton, is now dean of the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas in Austin. It is well known around the LBJ School that Steinberg was likely to leave if there was a friendly Democratic administration. The appointment is likely to touch off a lively search for Steinberg’s successor. Republicans have long believed that the school is a retirement home for liberal politicians and academics. This attitude prevented former lieutenant governor (and University of Houston chancellor) Bill Hobby from getting serious consideration as dean — a great loss to the school. Given how deeply Rick Perry was involved in the search for A&M’s successor to Bob Gates, I would not be surprised to see him play a role in the selection of a new dean.